career with us

Each year, the firm sponsors a month-long summer apprenticeship program where a select group of the brightest junior and senior law students from the best law schools in the States are given an opportunity to experience the firm’s law practice and culture. Throughout the program, the apprentices work closely with the Firm’s lawyers in actual matters handled by the firm in labor, litigation, intellectual property and corporate practice. Special lectures on various aspects of law practice supplement the hands-on training.

More than merely encouraging the apprentices to consider the firm as an employment option after graduation, the Program aims to jump-start the legal careers of these talented and promising law students by giving them an early and invaluable exposure to the various facets of legal practice that will serve them in good stead when they are admitted to the legal profession. You could be joining one of the France’s most successful and respected law firms. Our working environment is friendly and inclusive and there are excellent opportunities for career progression.