civil litigation

 Are you…

…Having a contract dispute?

…A victim of negligence?

…Experiencing an interference with your property rights and enjoyment?

…Worried that someone has defamed your reputation?

…Unsure of whether you have been wrongfully dismissed?

Lawsuits are expensive and lengthy. In the end even a win will come at a cost. That's why it's so important to do everything you can to avoid the litigation process by getting clear, independent and accurate advice. At Nicolas Finkler Law Firm our goal is to get you through the process by helping you as much as possible to resolve disputes at an early stage. Obviously, there are some cases which cannot resolve themselves without litigation and if this is the case, we will provide you with all of the attention your case deserves, with top notch preparation and court room experience. Our litigation team puts the focus on you.We are committed to keeping you informed at all times and ensuring that you understand the law and how it applies to your situation so you can make informed decisions.

Litigation is a broad term that covers many practice areas of the law including lawsuits, special proceedings, declaratory judgment actions, and appeals in federal and state courts. Not all legal matters require a lawsuit. We will provide the necessary counseling and guidance to assist you in deciding whether litigation is necessary in your particular situation or how to navigate litigation if you have been sued. Our experienced team of attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge and experience and will explain the litigation process to you, including the costs, expenses, and amount of time involved.


If you have a dispute that requires litigation, we have the expertise to see you through the process and will provide aggressive and effective advocacy for you every step of the way. When you need effective representation in any legal dispute, contact a litigation lawyer at Nicolas Finkler Law Firm . We have secured successful verdicts and settlements for clients in cases ranging from routine contract disputes to complex litigation. Not only will we bring your initial case to trial; we also handle civil appeals in both state and federal court. For effective representation in a civil law dispute, contact us today. We represent businesses, local governments, and individuals.

Our litigation practice uses state of the art information systems that allow access to all relevant filings, documents, and testimony pertaining to your case with the click of a button. Our investment in technology enhances our ability to present your case to a judge or a jury and to respond to each move the opposition makes.


Our services include:

  • Commercial Litigation

    • Breach of Contract disputes

    • Debt Collections

    • Misrepresentation

    • Breach of confidentiality/fiduciary obligations

    • Commercial lease disputes

  • Real Estate Litigation

    • Disputes arising from the purchase/sale of land

    • Mortgage enforcement claims

  • Employment Matters

    • Wrongful dismissal actions

  • General Litigation

    • Negligence claims

    • Nuisance – Interference with property rights or enjoyment

    • Defamation claims

    • Occupier’s liability

  • Environmental Litigation (and Regulation)

    • Regulatory issues

    • Defending environmental authorizations

    • Enforcement challenges and Provincial Offences

  • Administrative Law

    • Land use planning and zoning disputes

    • Boundary/adverse possession disputes

    • Building permit appeals

    • Liquor/alcohol permits

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