Wills & Probate

Estate planning, including the creation of wills and trusts, is among the most important of actions available to protect assets. At the France law firm of Nicolas Finkler Law Firm , our lawyers have a combined 56 years plus of experience helping clients plan for the orderly distribution of assets on death and assisting clients in organizing their financial affairs during their lifetimes. Our lawyers also provide guidance for executors, trustees, beneficiaries and possible heirs during the estate administration process. We know this can be a difficult time for the family. We focus on efficiency, accountability and communication with the family so they know all aspects of the estate have been settled appropriately and in accordance with the decedent's wishes.

Comprehensive Assistance to Protect Your Assets

We work with clients and, often, their accountants and financial advisers to generate and implement estate plans by preparing and creating:


Powers of attorney/living wills

All types of trusts, including inter vivos trusts (living trusts), testamentary trusts, spousal trusts, family trusts, special needs trusts for adults and minors and various specialty trusts

Estate freezes and rollovers

Real estate, corporate and insurance solutions

Disputes and challenges regarding testamentary documents

Guidance for when a loved one passes without a valid will

Before any plan is developed, a detailed review of the full inventory of assets, property and debt that will be included in the estate is made. Once the size and nature of the estate is known options available for best meeting your needs will then be discussed so a plan can be devised to meet your objectives at reasonable cost. At Nicolas Finkler Law Firm the focus is on developing plans that meet the unique circumstances of each client, whether that means a simple will, Powers of Attorney, Living Will or a more complex plan involving trusts, multiple wills and other legal methods. We can help. At Nicolas Finkler Law Firm , we have dealt with many different Estate matters. We can assist in helping an Executor or party obtain a Certificate of Estate Trustee with or without a Will. Our experienced team of litigators can also resolve disputes arising from Estates. We have experience negotiating settlements as well as litigating matters in court in highly contentious matters involving spouses, siblings, step-families, and children’s trusts.


The administration of estates involves multiple, complex matters that will be confusing to many first time executors of a will. Nicolas Finkler Law Firm has advised and represented estate administrators and trustees in both simple and complex estates. We appreciate that Executors of an estate need timely and practical advice to efficiently administer estates and for balancing confidently the different and competing interests. We respond promptly to enquiries by phone or email so you can resolve the administrative as they arise. Nicolas Finkler Law Firm will give you the confidence to manage the day-to-day load. For more information on your estate planning needs, contact our office for an initial free meeting. Alternatively, send an enquiry by email, giving your name and the nature of the question.

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